Sunday, 26 August 2012

Good News And Bad News

I had a soccer game yesterday and my hip didn't hurt at all which is amazing! I was so happy and I couldn't wait to write about it on my blog! But, obviously, something bad HAD to happen to me. During the game, I jumped in the air to hit the ball with my head and fell down on my ankle, completely twisting it to the point where I couldn't even move it. I stayed on the bench for a few minutes before going back on even though it still did hurt. After that, I had a hockey practice and today again, I had a hockey practice. My ankle constantly hurts but I know it's something that will fade away soon enough so I'm not too worried about it. At least I know my hip is getting better!

1 comment:

  1. Le bobo qui se déplace! On a juste hâte qu'il foute le camp une fois pour toute han ma belle Lolo! Lâches pas, le temps arrange bien les choses! xxx