Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back On My Feet

It's been so long since I last updated my blog. Between school, hockey, soccer and many other things, I haven't taken the time to let you people know what has been going on very much. First of all, not so long ago, my mom and I watched the movie Spirit Of The Marathon. It's a movie about different types of runners who all take part in the same marathon. But, some runners are Olympics runners, one is a mom, another likes to run alone, another is a Kenyan who once held a world record and there's also an old man in his late 60s who runs with his daughter. Anyways, you get the picture. So it's nice to see how running can be for anyone who choses to take part in it. It's a very inspiring movie and I think every runner should see this movie at least once in their lives. Looking at my mom with tears in her eyes from time to time was also very touching. I knew right away after having watched that movie that one day, maybe soon or in 30 years, maybe slow or fast, I would run a marathon.
Other than that, I have started running again with no pain. I remember going two times, running 3km and everything went very smoothly. I also ran again today, 5km with my mom with intervals. At 2km, we had to accelerate at 5:30 per km until we hit 3.6km. Then we just continued running at a slower pace for the remainding 1.4km. It feels really good not having any injury. I'm very happy it's over with and I can just continue training without having to worry about everything. Now that I know my running is ok, I really have to start raising a lot more money for Olivier and going around a few stores or restaurants in Chambly. That's the next step because my half marathon is on it's way!


  1. Spirit of the marathon, des larmes dans les yeux à chaque fois que je regarde ça! Je te souhaite un marathon un jour; en fait, je suis certaine à 100% que tu en feras un! :o)