Sunday, 16 September 2012

Only A Week Left!!!

I had a pretty good week! I ran two other times with success; one 7km and one 12km. I think after running these two races, it really convinced me that I could run the Montreal half-marathon. It's crazy to look back at my whole journey and the obstacles I had to go through. All I can say is I'm very proud of myself and it's a good thing that I never gave up. Now, I can see that all my efforts were worth it. For example, I ran my 12km at a 5:20 pace. It went very smoothly and at the end, I wasn't even that tired. I think I would be able to run at a 5:40 pace for my half-marathon which would also make me reach my goal of running under 2 hours! Also, the fundraising has been going very well. I thought I would raise about 500$ but I'm already at 595$ and I know there are other donations that I just haven't recieved yet. Plus, I will me running other races until March so I know that I can raise a lot more. For this last week before the race, I will take it very slowly and try not to think too much about it. But, I have to admit, I really am excited to stand on that starting line on Sunday morning.


  1. C'est excitant quand on approche du but hein! ;)
    Moi j'ai hâte en tout cas! :)

  2. Oh que c'est beau tout ça!! Tu vas voir que c'est TELLEMENT excitant sur la ligne de départ, tu n'oublieras jamais JAMAIS ce moment-là!! Profites-en au maximum!! (Et wow, quel pace, tu es impressionnante!!). Je te souhaite une très belle course!! :o)

  3. J'ai des frissons en te suis tellement contente pour toi et j'ai trop hâte de te féliciter lorsque tu vas traverser la ligne d'arriver (euh disons lorsque tu auras fini de manger et que finalement, je vais traverser la ligne d'arriver ;)). Tu es un championne déjà!! Bravo pour ta persévérance, tu vas voir, c'est une expérience inoubliable que tu vas vivre!! Moi aussi j'ai hâte en tout cas! :)