Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Hills

I ran my first hills today! Where I am in the program, we had to do 5 of them on 4km. My mom told me before we started that I should do the first hills in the program that I had never done which is 3 hills on 2.5km. So, I started off like that. After my 3 hills, I didn't feel much pain and knew I could continue and wanted to. I didn't force myself, it just happened! In the end, my hip was ok and I didn't even feel so tired. It was just a beautiful way to start off my day with my mom by my side. I love running with her because there never is any pressure and it's just very pleasant. Also, going back to the hills, I actually really enjoy doing them. It's different and adds something new to just running. I also always love some challenge, if you haven't noticed ;) Here are some pictures!
Going Up!

Going Down!

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