Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I have quite a bit of things to tell you today! First of all, yesterday I ran 4km. Surprisingly, my hip still didn't hurt so much! Maybe a 2 on a scale of 1-10. On top of that, my mom had suggested that I shouldn't look at my watch too often so that I wouldn't have to stress with the time so that's exactly what I did. I also continued running 5 minutes and walknig 1. I ended up running at less than 5:30s per km... Maybe it was too fast but I really went with my feeling more than the speed. I also knew that if it hurt, I would have to stop. So, later on in the day, I went to my first appointment with the physio. He is or used to be the physio for the Montreal Alouettes. It didn't take long before he understood that the problem is that I play so many sports and always use the same muscles in my legs that they are getting too tired. Therefore, I have to develop other muscles so that it's not always the same ones that work and get tired. He gave me one exercise and one stretch that I have to do both 2 times per day. It already seems to be going in a good direction but, I'm not aloud to run for another 2-3 weeks. I'm strongly considering doing the Oka half-marathon instead since I would then have the time to complete my program. For now, I'm not sure exactly but we'll see how it goes. Here are some pictures of a little something I did today!

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