Saturday, 21 July 2012


Tuesday, two days after what seemed to be a total disaster, I decided to try and run a very slow 3km to see if I could run without feeling any pain. 1.50km into it, it really started to hurt again. I thought it would maybe go away but I officially stopped after 1.90km. What a complete failure, I thought. I had never been in a position where I literally had to stop running because my body wouldn't let me. I held back my tears and tried to convince myself that things would get back to normal sooner or later. I was hoping for sooner. Then, all of a sudden, it started raining like crazy! I hadn't walked 100m and I was already soaking wet from head to running shoes. To get home faster, I was convinced I could still run a little. I could just hear my mom's voice in the back of my mind saying, "if it hurts, stop". So again, I stopped and walked home. After resting for a whole week now, not doing very much, my dad asked me if I wanted to join him in his slow 3km. Scared to know if it would only get worst if I did, I nervously accepted the "challenge". It was actually not that bad. After maybe 2km, I hadn't felt any pain. But for the last kilometer, I knew that my hip hadn't come back completely to how it used to be. For now, I atleast know that's it's getting better and maybe in a few weeks I can run again, YAYYYY! I also have my aunt's bike which will help keeping my cardio. Shout out to her, thanks Anne ;)

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  1. Je suis bien désolée d'apprendre que tu as une blessure et je te souhaite que ça guérisse bien vite! Les blessures font malheureusement partie de la vie des coureurs; et prendre une pause de course pour pouvoir en prendre soin, ce n'est pas abandonner, loin de là! Quelqu'un qui arrête de courir pour pouvoir guérir, c'est quelqu'un qui garde le focus sur ses objectifs, c'est quelqu'un qui n'abandonne PAS justement! C'est la façon la plus sûre de réussir!! J'avoue que c'est HYPER-frustrant, tellement tellement!! Et si jamais tu es obligée de changer d'évènement (faire Oka par exemple), c'est juste prendre un chemin différent pour faire ton demi, mais c'est tout de même faire un demi!! Et je dois dire qu'en pensant à la cause que tu soutiens, je crois que ça fait beaucoup de sens car les enfants très malades ou en grandes difficultés n'ont pas souvent un chemin "en ligne droite" vers leur objectif...
    Je te souhaite bonne chance!!