Sunday, 8 July 2012

Fort de Chambly

Another long distance is done! We had quite a big group today. My mom, dad and dad's friend all woke up this morning to run 9km. At this point, it does feel like my cardio is getting stronger. The only problem I had today was my ankles started to hurt. I might have to try and run differently because I still have more than half of my program left to do and there's no way I'm stopping! Overall, running is really becoming a big part of my life and I just love it. It is definitely not the last time I'm doing a program for a half-marathon. And guess what? In 2 years, I can run a marathon, watch out ;)


  1. Quelle détermination Lolo, wow!!! Mais fais attention à ta cheville quand même si tu veux faire un marathon dans deux ans! ;) xxx

  2. That is wonderful to read! I can't wait to follow along when you train for your marathon :) I agree that maybe you should try and run differently...maybe we can talk about that some time. :) Love you and I'm really proud of you!!