Monday, 30 July 2012

Half-Marathon!...By Bike

Saturday, July 28th, my sister and I biked 21.1km. I'm really proud of us! What makes me even happier is that I did it with my sister. Since my sister is more of an artist and me more of an athlete, I would have never imagined us both doing it together. We even completed it in 55:43s which in my opinion is pretty good! Especially since we have both never done as much biking at once. As I mentioned earlier in another post, I don't like biking at all. But, having my sister with me made it much more entertaining since we could talk and laugh! Speaking of laughter, I have the perfect example. At the end of the race, when there was about 300m left until 21.1km, our time was up to 54:40s about. We absolutely wanted to finish under 55 minutes so we started going extremely fast. We were going so fast that when it came time to turn on the bicycle path, we were still in full speed. I stopped so quickly to turn that I almost fell off my bike! I hadn't heard my sister say that we could just continue and take another path. So as of then, we are both on completely opposite paths, LAUGHING so hard and the worst part is, I was alone so people would just stare at me probably wondering what was wrong with me. We ended up doing 21.1km in 55:43s, as I mentioned above. Boy was it a great way to end the race! Overall, it might not have been very hard or exhausting but was better than doing nothing.


  1. Wow! That is such a great post...I love the pics of you two beautiful girls with your great smiles :) ...hmmm but, don't go falling off my bike Miss, you could scratch it (oh and hurt yourself of course ;))
    Congrats on a great half-marathon!

  2. Quelle belle complicité entre fragines.