Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Good Life

After running a 4km tempo today, I can proudly say that I started to feel like my old self again. It was just so easy and everything was going great! I even felt like sprinting at the end. We were going at 5:40 per km and it just felt so effortless. Maybe my hard work is paying off! I also set myself another goal to do 60 sit-ups every night, just for fun. It also motivates my mom to do the same ;)


  1. Don't lache Lolo, you won't get nothing for nothing!!!

  2. Ouin, sauf que moi j'ai de la misère à en faire 20 en deux shots... mais, avec toi je suis motivée et je vais y arriver! un jour! Beau tempo aujourd'hui ma Lolo! "Be t'aine!" ;)

  3. Vous êtes adorables!! Bravo Lolo...excellente idée les sit-ups à deux :)